Bronxville After School Clubs Website

July 2, 2013 at 9:51 am

The Bronxville After School Clubs website was designed and built to facilitate program administration. The design goals of the site were simple:

  • To allow parents to register their children for clubs and pay for those registrations using Paypal
  • To allow clubs to be managed easily through a web backend
  • To prevent clubs from becoming over booked
  • To simplify bookkeeping by allowing for registration downloads to a spreadsheet

The site was built using Drupal 6 with the Ubercart and Paypal modules being key components. Custom content types were used to create the clubs as Ubercart Products, and views were used to list them out. A custom component was developed to allow for download of the registrations to CSV.

The site has met with great success as all registrations are now handled electronically. In it’s first year, the site processed over $200,000 worth of transactions and has greatly reduced the workload on the club administrators. The site has been so successful that other bronxville PTA programs would like to be included. As such, the site will be getting enhancements later this year.