About TheLight

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is a pasture, a paradise, a dirt road through the country, an old way of living fused with modern ideas.

About The Light

Derek, AKA “TheLight”, is a native resident of New York City and an aspiring renaissance man. Working in IT by day, Derek specializes in system architecture, design, and implementation. By night, he can be found building, cooking, or tinkering with any number of gizmos and gadgets.

About The End Of The Tunnel

This site is devoted to the musings, hobbies, and activities of The Light and his family/friends/neighbors/pets/etc. Referral links are used to cover the cost of running the site, as with most sites on the net. Please consider purchasing through these links if you find the content relevant and useful. Reviews are based solely on the merits of the products themselves as no graft is accepted here. Honor, Integrity, and Independent Thought are the driving principles of this site.


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