Review of the September 19th, 2009 Appleseed Shoot in Saratoga Springs, NY

September 19, 2009 at 3:39 pm

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“Shooters, Your 2 minute preparation period has begun!”

The chill from the night is still in the air as I lay down on an old carpet remnant and examine my loaned Ruger 10/22. Chamber flag out, wrap the sling around my arm “hasty” and lie down… The sun shines at a shallow angle and warms me. It also creates some glare in the tech-100 sights. I focus on the target and dry fire a few times. Wait, this isn’t right. I remember the training from earlier: align the sites, create the site picture, control my breathing, focus on the front site, get into the shooters bubble, squeeze the trigger, and follow through… I run it all through my head. So much to internalize!

“Shooters, your two minute preparation period has ended. Load!”

Two minutes up already! I take the rotary magazine and insert it into the 10/22. I hear the soft click of it locking into place and I rack the bolt. Thoughts run around in my mind, I try to calm myself and get back into my natural point of aim and the shooter’s bubble… Shimmy to the left, shimmy to the right… my hand steadies as if by magic. Ah, there it is!

The line boss gives the final command, “Fire!”, and the line erupts with dozens of little snaps of 22 and the occasional loud bang of a larger caliber. I turn the safety off and squeeze the trigger. My Ruger mews to life, sending it’s tiny .22lr down range at the target. I call the shot, low and to the left. The smell of gunpowder hangs in the air throughout the day…

All totaled, we launched 716 rounds of ammunition down range over the course of two days. Two folks were awarded a rifleman patch that weekend. Though I was not one of them, my shooting improved significantly, going from a 120 to a 180. Using my own rifle, it will be even higher. I’ve learned what to practice, how to practice, why to practice. I want to become a Rifleman. I want to teach others. This is only the beginning. I think I just woke up.

The morning commute to Appleseed

Teaching the group

Proper sitting position

Proper standing position

Battle scars

And the sun shown down…

If an Appleseed shoot comes around your area. Go. You won’t regret it. This group and these events get the official seal of awesomeness. Most importantly, if you need Hunting Rifles for Sale, visit the nearest gun shop in your area,